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Morgan Olson Parts Now Available From Auto Park Fleet

January 4, 2022

Auto Park Fleet is becoming known industry-wide as parts specialists for delivery trucks. Nick Shepherd and his parts team are second to none when it comes to locating those hard-to-find commercial vehicle parts. Now, thanks to a new agreement with Morgan Olson, we can sell factory parts for their vehicles and handle warranty issues directly for our customers.

“Our customers know what they want and they know to call us to get it,” says Auto Park Fleet owner Ken Norris. “They’re already asking for Morgan Olson parts, so now we can make that happen for them too.”  

Parts Manager, Nick Shepherd explains “This new agreement means Auto Park Fleet is your one-stop, complete parts department for Morgan Olson Step Vans. This includes parts such as doors, latches, mirrors, bumpers, body parts, or anything else that’s on your truck. We’re especially stocking up on parts that are commonly damaged during regular use like hood straps, back-up sensors, and mirrors.”

Auto Park Fleet can now handle your Morgan Olson warranty claims directly as well. Being an Authorized Warrantor means we can coordinate everything through our parts department which makes things much easier for our customers and saves them time.

Need replacement or warranty parts for your Morgan Olson vehicle? Give Nick Shepherd at our Fleet Parts Department a call today: 1-888-418-794.

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