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Save Money: Buy A Better Truck From Morgan Olson

February 27, 2024

Save Money: Buy A Better Truck

There’s a reason why Auto Park Fleet sells more Morgan Olson step vans than anyone else. They’re simply the best built and highest quality vehicle in their class. And for us, the biggest selling point is the value they bring our contractor customers.

Morgan Olson Quality Is Worth Paying For

Overall, Morgan Olson strives to provide a quality body design to last 20+ years in the field in a high stop duty cycle - accomplished through superior engineering and specialized durability testing, easily repeatable manufacturing processes to ensure quality production without defects, and create a body that is simple and cost effective to maintain in the field to minimize downtime.

Some Key Benefits For Contractors

Spring Back Bumper
This Work Truck Week " Innovation Award " winning design allows for absorption of small impacts to minimize damage to your truck and frame as well as damage to whatever your drivers may inadvertently hit. Helps to prevent insurance claims and truck "down-time" which reduces your costs.

Fortified Floor Design
Frequently reinforced underflooring to maintain floor flatness integrity and prevent buckling/warping to facilitate driver safety. Competing brands shortcut this issue with less reinforcements underneath resulting in uneven floors - often leading stumbles, falls which jeopardize driver safety.

Bulkhead Secured
Helps to maintain integrity and squareness of the front end of the box to facilitate and maintain smooth open/close operation of bulkhead door. Saving your drivers time and frustration.

Sectional Hood
Simple replacement of sectional parts reduces repair time and replacement costs. Competing units are comprehensive front-end units requiring lenthy, more costly repairs and excessive downtime that cost you even more money!

Maintenance Friendly Glass
Designed for quick "pop-out" and "pop-in" replacement in 20 minutes to get your truck back in service immediately. Competing brands require new windshield to be glued back in and hours of down time to "set" the glass permanently in place.

Reinforced Rear Structure
Reinforcement at the most common/frequent points of vulnerability in the rear of the truck help prevent significant compromise to the integrity of the box structure for small incidents that could otherwise cause significant damage and take your truck out of service. Again, saving you repair time and the cost of having a truck in the shop.

It All Adds Up To Savings

We believe these differences are significant and will benefit you many times over during the lifetime of the Morgan Olson vehicle bodies. Morgan Olson bodies help you not only save money long-term in your business, but help you keep your trucks in service and out of the repair facility.

When you’re ready to move forward with your next purchase, Auto Park Fleet has the trucks your business deserves. We’re proud to partner with Morgan Olson to help your business be as successful as possible.

The  2-minute video below is well worth your time and emphasizes the features that separate Morgan Olson manufacturing and construction from its competitors.

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