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Parts Program Is A Hit With Contractors

December 14, 2021

This last summer, Auto Park Fleet launched our Preferred Contractor Parts Program. Contractors from all over the country would now be able to get the hard-to-find Ford commercial truck parts they need, shipped direct at great prices. We recently caught up with Parts Manager, Nick Shepherd, to find out how things were going with the program. His response was nothing short of incredible.

Growing Fast

“We recently added two additional employees to my department to keep up with demand. The sheer volume going out of my department across the country has grown exponentially” Nick said. “I can't put a number on it myself. It's to the point where the new people were absolutely necessary.”

“I have three semis going out to every corner of the country. I've got stuff going to Florida today, going to Washington today, and going to Kansas today, all on semis, because it's all big stuff, all heavy stuff.”

Customer Story

Shepherd continues, “There was a guy last week who called me said that the engine in his P1200 just blew up. He called all the parts stores and the local Ford dealer and nobody could get him an engine. Our fleet team sent him to me, and I had the new engine palletized on the floor in my shop, ready to ship the same day. From the point of breakdown to him receiving his engine was two days.”

That’s the kind of story we love to hear. It’s the kind of service that separates us from other dealers and keeps our customers coming back again and again. It’s certainly fair to say our Contractor Parts Program has been a tremendous success for us and our customers.

Get The Parts You Need

You can get the hard-to-find commercial Ford parts you need in two ways: Call Nick Shepherd at our Auto Park Ford dealership in Bremen, Indiana at 1-574-546-2727 or shop on-line through our website: autoparkfleet.com/parts and click the “shop now” button.

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