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Understanding Step Van Pricing

February 24, 2022

New customers often ask, “How much does a step van cost?.” The answer is dependent on several factors. So let’s dive down and find out what you’re looking for to get you a better idea of what your new step van is actually going to cost.

“Much of it has to do with size,” says Operations Director Dan McDonough. “You have a P700 all the way up to a P1200, which has to do with the cubic feet of cargo space in the truck.”

The second factor is brand. Dan says: “Ford and Freightliner both make a step van chassis, and inside of those, you’ve got different models. Ford has their E-Series and F59 chassis, while Freightliner has the MT45 and MTH 55 chassis. Things like flat or drop floor, gas or diesel, and air conditioning will also affect pricing. You have a lot of options, and that’s why there’s such a price difference.”

Other delivery vehicles you can buy are vans, like a Ford Transit, and box trucks, often referred to as cutaways. A cutaway is simply a box truck built on a truck or van chassis.

These vehicles are made by several manufacturers like Ford, GM, and Dodge. Dan explains, “When you get into a Transit van or a cutaway, there’s a lot less price difference than a step van. You may have $10,000 range from the most basic to the biggest of those vehicles, and they’re going to vary on size, shelving, different types of camera systems, or all-wheel drive. So those types of things are going to be the variables in pricing.”

You can hear more about pricing from Dan and Bob in this short video.

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